Hello there!

I’m Emma but you can call me Em.  I’m a Scottish lass currently living in sunny Singapore with my husband.

One15Food is my little corner of internet space for sharing my love and passion for cooking good food.

My love for food and cooking I credit to my late mum.  I was lucky growing up as my mum taught me how to cook and put the passion for food and cooking with love (and a little bit of greed!) within me.  I adored spending time in the kitchen with her.

I was born in the 70’s so have lived through the world of food and cuisines evolving and permeating from country to country.  Admittedly the food I was brought up on was stereotypically British at that time….meat and two veg but meals such as spaghetti bolognese did start to creep into the weekly menu.  In the last 20 years there’s also been a phenomenal rise in the number of cookery programmes on television and my mum and I would avidly watch and try out recipes we’d seen. Anyone remember Ready Steady Cook!?

I’m still addicted to cooking programmes and have come across many new ones here in Asia that I wouldn’t have seen back in the UK.  I also have a bit of a cookbook buying habit.  I’m not a great book reader except when it comes to cookbooks.  I could happily spend days and nights curled up with a big pile to flick through and be inspired by.  I sadly had to leave 90% of my cookbooks in my sister-in-laws loft when we moved to Singapore but I’ve built up a small collection here and a larger collection on my kindle……shhhh don’t tell the hubster!

I do love cooking from cookbooks but I equally enjoy putting my own twist on recipes depending on my taste, mood and what i’ve got in the fridge and cupboards.

I won’t prattle on much longer but here’s a little list of simple food related things I love:-

  1. that first sip or glug of a perfect temperature cup of tea
  2. a slice of very fresh sourdough bread with salted butter
  3. pork crackling
  4. eating something different for breakfast every day
  5. cooking for others
  6. being cooked for at a friends house
  7. cadbury’s twirls

In terms of food you’ll probably never see on this blog as I have a severe dislike for them:-

  1. cucumbers
  2. bananas (although ok in smoothies!)

And lastly here’s a few other morsels about me:-

  1. I met my husband Paul over 12 years ago at a 10k race in Balmoral, Scotland (more accurately in the pub afterward!). He is my everything.
  2. I have one amazing older sister Annie.  Sadly my parents are no longer with us but their spirits do live on in me and my sister. I am lucky though to have a great extended family and totally brilliant in-laws.
  3. I have a small group of really good friends, many of whom i’ve known for over 30 years but some are more recent.
  4. I have been a runner for over 20 years and have completed 3 marathons. I’m not fast but i get the job done!
  5. I love pilates.
  6. I also really enjoy cycling and swimming and have a thing for Jillian Michaels and her workout dvd’s (another collection habit of mine!)
  7. My sister and I can recite the entire script from the movie Clue and are also crazy for Overboard, The Money Pit, The Batchelor Party, The Sure Thing and anything starring Jason Statham!
  8. My music taste is stuck in the 90’s but that’s ok because it was an awesome decade for music.
  9. I love napping.
  10. I am obsessed with having an empty dirty clothes basket.
  11. I love dogs.
  12. I’m not sure how good i’m going to be at writing this blog but here goes!

Thanks for visiting and hopefully my recipes will inspire you to get in the kitchen!